Four years of Gazipur journalists – Ripon Ansari


Translation – Tuhin Sarwar Channel Six-

June 20, 2016 Ramadan month Before the Iftar news, some bloody journalists were brought to Gazipur Shahid Tajuddin Medical College Hospital. I saw three colleagues bloody. Going to the emergency department, the eyes became red. Who among the three colleagues of the bloody body could not understand what was involved. But everyone embraced the chest and all of us were drinking water. Out of an emotional moment, I went to the hospital gate. There, standing police super Harunar Rashid and some of our colleagues were standing there. Discussions are underway to discuss what can be done in this case. I also joined But no words were said in that way. SP had just said, what can be done. I said only the events happened. let’s see. Then I learned that the police are carrying out the treatment expenses of injured colleagues.

It should be noted here that on June 20, 2016, three journalists were injured in the attack of gamblers in Bagherbazar area of ​​Gazipur Sadar upazila. This incident happens when collecting information to report gambling events.

The injured are RTIV Azharul Haque, JTV Abdullah Al Mamun and Mohana Television Atikur Rahman. They are all acting as Gazipur District Representatives.

The injured journalists said that they and Iqbal Sarker, a journalist of Ektter TV, went to Maoana area of ​​Sripur upazila to report on the Dhaka-Mymensingh highway this afternoon. On the way back from Gagerpur Sadar upazila, Bagher Bazar saw many private cars in one place. When they asked local residents, they found that there were gambling and pornographic dresses installed there.

Upon hearing the news, they went there and took photographs there. At that time, 15-16 people of the gambling incident attacked them. While Iqbal fled the government, the gamblers detained the other three and beat them with sticks. The attackers looted their cameras, mobile phones and money. Later the people rescued them and admitted them to Gazipur Shahid Tajuddin Ahmed Medical College Hospital.

On the next day of this incident, Mir Faruq (Bangla Vision) called for a human chain program on behalf of journalist society to protest the incident on his own website. At the same time we came to the human chain in front of the Deputy Commissioner’s Office. But many times when no one else met. Although the call was calling the caller, he did not call the phone. Then, in the new fear, I came to know that all the protesters were informed about the suspension of the human chain in SP office and from there.

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Back in despair I went back to frustration. It was learned that the police superintendent of the country has compromised the attackers with the injured journalists. Undoubtedly this is good news. But no one was arrested despite 10 cases filed in the case. Rather, after two days the gambling continues on the spot. The next time, two people were killed in gambling in the gambling area. Yet the gambler’s closure did not stop

In the meantime, the arrest of the journalist was sent to 17 days in jail, the local daily, the publication of Gopal Prothom Alo news reporter Sohrab Hossain. Sohrab Hossain is a lame man who walks with sticky stick. DB police arrested him from his office. After getting bail, Sohrab Hossain was again arrested from jail gate. Later, after being detained for several hours in DB, he was released with money.

Some people, including a local daily Muktabalakara editor of Gazipur, have been charged with publishing a news source in Dhaka’s online newspaper. DB police attacked the editor’s house before the case was filed.


Information about the threat, Daily Ganomuk editor and publisher Professor Amjad Hossain. Kaliganj Police Station OC Alam Chand threatened to kill him, the movement was divided separately. The secretary, who had been insecure for several days, was in the editorial.

Journalist Sanaullah Nuri went to the remand of two days after being arrested in Gazipur DB due to police conspiracy. After getting bail after being released in one case, the police arrested him in another case from jail gate.

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Due to the news of gambling, a lawsuit was filed in the Information and Communication Technology Act, then the weekly Bangla Bhoomi and now the daily Bangla Bhumi editor of the daily Nazrul Islam Azhar.

A woman journalist who was arrested in the home of milk boy was arrested. Journalist Tuhin Sarwar, a journalist working in the Daily bartaman newspaper of Calcutta, was injured in a bloody hotel protesting the sexual business in the hotel. More than once, journalist  Aziz was injured in a terrorist attack. Two more journalists were arrested for submitting an invitation letter to the SP. During the human chain of public demand to demand gas, journalist Masud, along with several others, was injured in the sting operation of the police. Being arrested for collecting information, journalist Jahangir Alam was arrested in jail. For the same reason, journalist Jasim Uddin and Chan Mia Munshi were injured in a bloody wound in Pubail.

Almost a dozen journalists were imprisoned for being accused in false cases due to news release in the last 4 years. About 9 journalists were injured.

It is good to say that the history of this historic historical place of Takhtila in the Bay of Bengal and the Gaurik Matricakosha, famously known as history, was established on 1 March 1984 as Gazipur district. The birth of Gazipur district was 1983 Since then, organizational work was started publicly in the journalist society in Gazipur district. From the beginning, like the “clash of food with the pot”, there was a clash in journalist society, which is everywhere. But there were 3/4 journalists with no bloody injuries at any given time. There was no incident that could not be protested on the streets in protest of the journalist wounded. In the last four years, the way Gazipur journalist society has been tortured, it has broken all the history of the district.


Authors: Journalist, Editor in Chief – Gram Bengali News24