False propaganda in the name of Channel 6, lawsuit under digital law


Rabiul Bashar, 6 Desk-

In the name of Channel 6, Facebook has been sued under the Digital Security Act for threatening, propaganda, and repeated page hacking. The court took cognizance of the case and directed the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) to investigate. Channel 6’s HR admin Sarwar Ahmed submitted the application in the court of Bangladesh Cyber ​​Tribunal Judge Assam Jaglul Hossain last Thursday morning.


21, 25 under the Digital Security Act against 4 people including 2 Facebook IDs, a group called “We are victims of Channel 6 fraud” on Facebook for spreading false propaganda, repeated page hacking and spreading arrogant statements through social media. The case has been filed under sections 26 and 31. Another 5-10 unidentified persons were accused in the case.


According to the lawsuit, since December 16, 2020, a group has repeatedly hacked the channel’s Facebook page, opened social media groups on Facebook and spread false propaganda and arrogant statements in the name of Channel 6.

Advocate Aminul Islam, a lawyer for the cyber tribunal on behalf of Channel 6, said that the Facebook group, the owner of the ID, anonymous people are law-breakers, eloquent and cunning people. They use social media to publish untrue, meaningless and provocative statements in the name of Channel6 . Which is insulting to an organization. Such provocative statements create hatred, enmity, instability and chaos in the society. It degrades law and order and tarnishes the reputation of the organization. These are punishable offenses under the Digital Security Act.


Judge of the Bangladesh Cyber ​​Tribunal, Assam Jaglul Hossain, has directed the PBI to save the propagandists and their Facebook groups and links and submit an investigation report by March 29, 2021.