Kissing TSC picture goes viral


Tuhin sarwar,channel 6-

A photograph showing a pair kissing at the Teacher-Student Centre (TSC) intersection has fascinated hundreds of netizens.

The image of the kissing pair went viral on Facebook on Monday afternoon, taking just a couple of hours to get the attention of hundreds of people.

The photo featured a pair kissing each other publicly during the rain that washed away the scorching heat, sweat, and dirt of last a few days.

Some people took to the social media networking sites and harshly criticised the pair while many others appreciated the move at a time when the Dhaka University campus reportedly made off-limits to outsiders.

Photographer Jibon Ahmed posted the image around 4pm on his timeline, tagging Charu Pintu. This was liked by over 5,000 people and shared by 1,900 others while 1,300 comments were made.

Jibon Ahmed, according to his Facebook profile, is a photojournalist at Purboposhchimbd.

Jibon Ahmed said that the pair saw me taking the photo but they did not bar me from capturing it. However, he did not mention whether he took permission from the pair for posting it on Facebook.

The identity of the pair has also not been released. Contacted, Jibon said: “It was an unknown pair and they did not forbid me while I was capturing them kissing. And I am yet to get any formal objection from any of them.”

Later, journalistst Mustafiz Shafi in his Facebook post claimed that the picture was not “real” and it has been “photoshopped” for three times.

In reply, Jibon denied the claim and said: “I have enough evidence to prove that my picture was not photoshopped. Moreover, one of my friends talked to the pair soon after the photo went viral. They don’t have any objection in this regard.”