Official broadcasting started from 16th December


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After the previous Channel Six unofficial test broadcasts, the official broadcasting journey of Bangladesh has been fixed in order to present the true history of the Liberation War to the new generation. Originally, the date and time of the official broadcast will be calculated from December 16.

It will be operated in two Bengali and English languages ​​through 3 separate base stations from Dhaka, Singapore and the United States. ”


Broadcast feeds are available through server, IP box, and satellite. Free air transmission will run through AsiaSat Seven Satellite.

The US, Bangla Leasing Group and CBS Network are jointly owned by a number of businessmen, professional journalists and media house leaders in Dhaka, London and the United States as investors.

There are more than 200 smart TVs in the United States with Channel Six. Those who are using smart TV. They can easily go to the ad channel and type in the search option “Channel 6” and you will get your favorite Channel 6 for free.