Three suspected robbers killed in Sundarbans ‘shootout’ with RAB


Bagerhat-based RAB-8 chief Sohel Rana Prince said the incident took place at the forest’s Sharankhola Range around 9am on Thursday.

A raid was conducted on a tip-off that robbers, belonging to the gang ‘Sumon Bahini’, were in the Shukhpararchar area, according to him.

“The RAB retaliated when the robbers opened fire. After the shootout, which continued for 40 minutes, the robbers retreated. Three bullet-riddled bodies were found in the area later.”

Local fishermen identified the three, said the senior RAB officer. “One Sumon formed the gang. They abduct fishermen and honey-collectors for ransom.”

RAB said it seized three firearms and ammunition from the scene.